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Conference And Events

Deliver personalized, anticipatory services and information to every attendee in real-time.


LifeTagger's advanced, context-aware technologies allows you to use a combination of "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" to create amazing experiences before, during and after your event.


Event Attendees

Customize their experiences based on their preferences and behaviors. Offer tailored content such as artist bios, song lists, and merchandise deals directly through NFC or QR codes placed around the venue.

Event Staff

Improve coordination and communication through targeted messages and notifications based on their location within the venue and their specific roles.


Leverage time-based triggers to push information when most relevant,


Send venue maps, event rules, and start times on the day of the event.  Filter different ticket holders thru pre-determined gates to make event entry more efficient.  Notify event staff of any pre-event tasks 

Hide and Seek

During Event

Send alerts about what is upcoming on different stages or promote immediate merchandise discounts.  Schedule content to appear based on the artist or featured speaker currently on stage


Send thank you messages, and solicit feedback.  Continue engagement with offers, news and with our tracking pixel integration retarget your audience for future events.  


Utilize NFC wristbands/tags, LifeCodes, and location-based triggers at strategic points

  • Entrances/Exits: For quick check-ins, ticket validation, and wayfinding.

  • Merchandise Stalls and Food Courts: For promotions and information on product offerings.

  • Stages: For engaging content about performances as they happen.


Deliver relevant information, interactive content, and trigger workflows

  • Schedules: Updated event schedules and changes delivered in real-time.

  • Promotions: Special offers for food, merchandise, or upcoming events.

  • Safety Information: Emergency exits and safety alerts specific to different areas of the venue.

  • Integrate with other systems to trigger workflows based on scanning a LifeCode(smart QR code), tapping an NFC wristband, or entering a location. 

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smart QR code




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Push Notifications

push alerts

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Smart Links

no code contextual landing pages


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