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Consumer Packaged Goods

Deliver personalized, anticipatory services and information to every customer in real-time.


LifeTagger's advanced, context-aware technologies allows you to use a combination of "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" to create amazing experiences interacting with your product and brand



Offer interactive and personalized product information, promotions, and engagement directly through product packaging

Retail Staff

Improve inventory management and customer service by accessing detailed product information and stock levels through embedded tags


Leverage time-based triggers to push information when most relevant,

At the Point of Purchase

Provide instant coupons or product information when a consumer is deciding which product to buy

Hide and Seek

During Special Promotions

Alert customers to promotions when they are near the product or within the store


Utilize NFC wristbands/tags, LifeCodes, and location-based triggers at strategic points

  • Product Labels: Embed codes that, when scanned, provide a rich layer of content about the product.

  • Point of Sale Displays: Attach tags to displays to give additional information and interactive experiences.

  • Shelves: Place proximity sensors to send push notifications about products as customers pass by.


Deliver relevant information, interactive content, and trigger workflows

  • Product Origins and Stories: Detailed backgrounds on product sourcing and production methods.

  • Usage Tips and Recipes: For food products, include quick access to recipe ideas and usage tips.

  • Promotions and Discounts: Instant access to current promotions or discounts directly from the product packaging.


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Push Notifications

push alerts

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