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What are LifeCodes?

Configurable QR Codes that link to dynamic customer experiences

LifeCodes™ are fully configurable QR codes built to enhance the life of your business or brand. Build multiple social tiles, create location-specific content, or start a dynamic process or workflow with every scan.

LifeCodes vs. Static vs. Dynamic

Scan the LifeCode to see the difference

Videos? Pictures? Multiple Websites? No problem!

Take Full Control of the Content on Your QR Code

LifeCodes™ deliver hyper-local content to your customers, guests, and team members right where they are, when they need it most.

Update content as often as you like without creating a new code

Build a social media style feed with multiple websites, videos, pictures, and/or pdf documents

Control what your audience sees on each code by segmenting your content by audience, location, and/or time of scan

Get all the data and analytics on who, where, and how your audience is scanning your LifeCodes

Integrate LifeCodes into your business and operation systems and start workflows when employees or staff scan

Join a Growing List of Companies Using LifeCodes

Business Solutions for Most Industries


Easily train and manage staff, let guests check-in and out, and buy or attend anything on-site


Keep staff and visitors on track and engaged at tradeshows, conventions, conferences, festivals, and weddings


Automate the purchase of food and beverages, subscription box services, and other consumer products


Use proximity alerts to optimize efficiency to residential services, tourism, shopping, transportation


Automate the purchase of food and beverages, subscription box services, and other consumer products

And much more

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Business Solutions

Proximity Automation for Business

Take your marketing and operations to the next level

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