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Start with LifeCodes, or dive into automation with LifeApp and LifePlatform


A Suite of Products that Scale with your Business


Take full control of your QR Code.

LifeCodes™ are fully configurable QR codes molded to enhance the life of your business or brand. Build multiple social tiles, create location-specific content, or start a dynamic process or workflow with every scan.


This is not a geofence proximity marketing app. It's much more.

Life App is a SMART mobile application that can proximity-enable business processes, operations and customer engagment tools to deliver the right experience every time.


Simple. Flexible. Configurable. Enterprise Solution.

LifePlatform is an enterprise solution that brings the power of LifeTagger to your existing mobile application and business systems.




Location-based targeting

Smart QR Codes

Local information access

Targeted marketing efforts

Targeted information delivery

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Everything in LifeCode™

Privately-branded application

Proximity triggers (time, place)

Location/campus Engagement

Localize community

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Everything in LifePlatform™

Added branding features

Fully custom user experience

Integrated proximity features

24/7 VIP Support

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"LifeCodes allows us an intimate connection with our guests in real-time by enabling us to provide affirmations, mocktail recipes, and promotions through all of our packaging."

Robert Haynes
CEO @Drink Yoro

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