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LifeTagger brings Life to your QR Codes

During the holiday season, retail shopping experiences are negatively impacted by limited staff to assist customers, long checkout lines, operational inefficiencies, and more.  For several years, retailers have been integrating technology-based solutions for enhancing the customer experience with QR Codes. These QR codes have been designed to assist with store mapping and directions, to promote special offers, and even to provide product demonstrations. But the tech strategies are not integrated together leaving customers with a fragmented and disjointed experience with multiple touchpoints and scans required to fully understand the offering.  Unfortunately, the customer frustration further increases—and consumers have become less tolerant.  

LifeTagger has a solution that can streamline those other touchless technologies while enhancing the overall shopping experience. LifeCodes™ are fully configurable QR codes built to enhance the life of your business or brand. Retailers can build multiple social tiles, create location-specific content, and start a dynamic process or workflow with every scan. For instance, the other QR Codes in the retail establishment can be integrated into the one LifeCode solution. With one scan a customer can access all that is needed to understand the offering in that specific retail environment, where to locate it and learn more.

As a retailer, envision being able to provide each shopper one LifeCode in the pre-sale advertising online so shoppers have the opportunity to pre-plan their shopping experience.  Then by promoting the LifeCode on in-store signage and at each counter, there is a reduced need for support from the store floor staff. Without needing assistance from the cashier managing a long line of shoppers, the visitor accesses all the information on the holiday sales; uses the store map to find the desired section; watches a video demonstration of the product; then determines which register line is most desirable. Everyone wins, especially the retailer and the brands within.  

As you can imagine, these solutions are applicable in several environments where customer engagement and operational efficiency is required for business success. And the good news is that integrating LifeTagger’s products and services requires limited time for deployment.  


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