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Religous Organizations

Deliver personalized, anticipatory services and information to every attendee in real-time.


LifeTagger's advanced, context-aware technologies allows you to use a combination of "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" to create amazing experiences before, during and after your meeting.


Congregation Members

Provide personalized spiritual content and community updates based on individual preferences and participation history

Church Staff

Enable more efficient communication and management tasks tailored to different roles within the church organization


Leverage time-based triggers to push information when most relevant,

Before Services

Send reminders and preparatory materials to congregation members

Hide and Seek

During Services

Offer real-time content like sermon notes and worship lyrics

After Services

Follow up with a summary, additional study resources, or a feedback survey.


Utilize NFC wristbands/tags, LifeCodes, and location-based triggers at strategic points

  • Entrance/Welcome Areas: For greetings, weekly bulletins, and visitor check-ins.

  • Community Boards: For event sign-ups and community news.

  • Prayer and Worship Areas: For downloadable worship songs, prayer guides, and sermon videos.


Deliver relevant information, interactive content, and trigger workflows

  • Sermon Updates: Access to weekly sermon notes and related scripture readings.

  • Event Notifications: Information about upcoming church events, workshops, and group meetings.

  • Community Prayers and Requests: Real-time updates about community needs and prayer requests.

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Push Notifications

push alerts

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Smart Links

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