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Deliver personalized, anticipatory services and information to every guest in real-time.


LifeTagger's advanced, context-aware technologies allows you to use a combination of "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" to create amazing experiences in your restaurant



Provide a seamless and personalized dining experience with instant access to menus, special offers, and table service through their mobile devices

Restaurant Staff

Equip staff with tools to improve service efficiency, manage table assignments, and enhance guest satisfaction


Leverage time-based triggers to push information when most relevant,

Upon Arrival

Automated check-in and seating options sent to diners’ phones

Hide and Seek

During the Meal

Timely offers for complimentary items or upgrades when ordering

Hide and Seek

At the End of the Meal

Feedback requests and loyalty program updates as diners conclude their dining


Utilize NFC wristbands/tags, LifeCodes, and location-based triggers at strategic points

  • Entrance and Waiting Areas: Location-based welcome messages and wait time updates.

  • Dining Tables: LifeCodes for accessing the menu, placing orders, or calling for service.

  • Checkout Counters: NFC tags for easy bill review and contactless payment options.


Deliver relevant information, interactive content, and trigger workflows

  • Digital Menus: Accessible via LifeCodes on tables, offering dish descriptions, allergen information, and pairing suggestions.

  • Promotions and Special Offers: Special deals or event notifications pushed to diners based on their dining history and preferences.

  • Order and Table Management: Simplify order placing and table service management for both diners and staff using NFC tags and mobile apps.


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Push Notifications

push alerts

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