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Deliver personalized, anticipatory services and information to every customer in real-time.


LifeTagger's advanced, context-aware technologies allows you to use a combination of "who", "what", "when", "where" and "how" to create amazing experiences in your store 



Provide a personalized shopping experience with instant access to product information, offers, and reviews through their mobile devices

Retail Staff

Equip staff with tools to enhance customer service, manage inventory efficiently, and streamline store operations


Leverage time-based triggers to push information when most relevant,

Entry into Store

Welcome messages or store-wide promotions pushed to smartphones

Hide and Seek

Browsing Specific Sections

Customized offers or product information when customers linger in specific aisles

Hide and Seek


Last-minute deals or reminders about loyalty points available to use


Utilize NFC wristbands/tags, LifeCodes, and location-based triggers at strategic points

  • Product Shelves: LifeCodes on shelf tags that customers can scan to get more information or see related products.

  • Point of Sale: NFC tags at checkout areas for quick loyalty program updates or contactless payment options.

  • Entry and Exit Points: Location-based sensors for welcoming customers as they enter or sending them personalized offers as they shop.


Deliver relevant information, interactive content, and trigger workflows

  • Product Information: Detailed descriptions, user reviews, and video demos accessible via LifeCodes on product tags.

  • Promotions and Discounts: Timely offers and discounts pushed to customers when they are near relevant products.

  • Loyalty Rewards: Easy access to loyalty program details and rewards updates through NFC tags at checkout counters or entrances.


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Push Notifications

push alerts

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Smart Links

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