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Breakthrough the Retail Information overload for Consumers with LifeTaps

Due to the near limitless product information options now available to consumers both online and in brick-and-mortar stores, the retail landscape is more crowded than ever. Product marketers are seeking the power of comprehensive retail marketing solutions leveraging the latest innovations in digital technology, store connectivity and analytics to allow their product to stand out amongst the rest on the shelves.  But how can marketers be successful without creating the consumer fatigue of multiple apps, multiple brands, multiple displays, and media sources? 

LifeTaps by LifeTagger will soon become a major force in Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG.) This technology innovation allows for supportive information on packaging in retail such as: videos, photos, demonstrations, etc. With simply a tap of your phone, and no downloads of brand specific phone apps, the user can gain the latest information on products and goods.  In the ever-packed grocery store environment, for instance, repurposing of television ads, animated product demonstrations and ingredient lists are at the consumers fingertips, when they want them and where they need them.

“We see LifeTaps as a transformational technology for consumer goods companies that want to create more opportunities to engage their customers based on their proximity to their products,” said LifeTagger Co-Founder Marlon Brown.  

Envision this experience:  Your mother goes to the pharmacy for vitamins, but she is worried about drug interactions.  She is mildly tech-savvy, but she knows how to scan a code.  The scan code on the side of the vitamin product says, “If you are a senior citizen, scan this code to learn more about this product.”  Delivered to her phone is a video of a pharmacist sharing that “these vitamins are safe to ingest with most FDA approved blood pressure medications including diuretics, Beta-blockers and more. Scan below for a complete list of safe medications.  If you are still concerned about the drug interactions, please speak with your Walgreens pharmacist.”

This simple demonstration illustrates the power of the LifeTap-provided educational material for the consumer AND it demonstrates the trusted partnership between the product manufacturer and the retailer, which helps to create consumer loyalty.  

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